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Backyard Courts

Basketball Courts

Our custom built basketball courts are the hit of any backyard. We can find a size to fit just about any backyard and our 29 years of playing in backyards shows we can do it efficiently and professionally.

Basketball Court 25'x25' up to a full size court if you have the yard for it! We offer a complete package from adjustable in ground basketball hoops, sports lighting, ball containment fencing and more! 

Call us today for a free no obligation estimate and start hitting those 3 pointers and improving your overall skills in the privacy of your backyard. Keep your kids safe, know who their friends are, and get out there and have more quality time with your family!

Multi-Activity Centers

For the most active families - one sport might not be enough. That is when a Multi-activity court makes the most sense.


There are many options when designing your backyard multi-activity court.  Options include the foundation engineering, size, performance surfaces, colors, and width of your glass backboard. In addition, we can stripe lines for basketball, tennis, pickleball, badminton, paddle tennis, volleyball, futsal and/or hockey. You can add ball containment fencing, rebounder systems and LED court lighting so you can play sports at night.